The Action

Mass action

A mass action is a form of direct action, that is, an action where we ourselves intervene to bring about political change. Rather than waiting for politicians or companies to act, we act ourselves. In many, but not all, cases direct action is illegal as it arises partly as a response to a state or company’s shortcomings that they have no interest in changing and partly because states criminalize anything that threatens their own monopoly on power.

In the case of a mass action, direct action takes place on a large scale. Mass actions are a political method that has been used for a long time in various forms. Its strength lies in the fact that we publicly describe what we are going to do, in our case to shut down Cementa’s production, and thus make it possible to mobilize large numbers of people but also raise and popularize political demands.

Finally, it is also important to make people realize their own power. We are the ones who make up society, but those who rule over us constantly make us believe that we are powerless and that they are the political subjects in society. The mass action shows where the power really lies. At our place. Mass actions such as ours often take place through an action consensus to make all participants safe.

Our goal is to shut down Cementa through civil disobedience on a mass scale. We have already seen great success in how broad a grant we have received even before the campaign. We would never have succeeded in getting all these interviews, all these interested parties, all this mobilization without the mass action concept. It works!

Action consensus

The action consensus is our common framework for the action. The action consensus allows all participants to know what to expect, what is expected of them as participants, and what rules of conduct are relevant in different situations. It is important that all participants are familiar with the action consensus, and that they agree to follow it. Read our action consensus here!