To get to the camp: go to Slite (closest bus station is Slite Närs) and then give us a call on 0722809604 and we’ll guide you the last stretch! 

Folk mot Fossilgas’ camp in Gothenburg 2019

What are the sleeping accommodations?

Take Concrete Action will take place outside Slite on Gotland. In connection to the action there will be a camp where you can go to the toilet, get basic food and water, as well as participate in action trainings, workshops and get information. Exact location will be revealed at a late date. On or in connection to the camp there will be room for you to pitch a tent to sleep in.

How do I get to the camp?

By far the most common way to get to Gotland is with Destination Gotland’s ferries. These depart a few times a day from the cities of Oskarshamn and Nynäshamn. How you get there depends on where you travel from, but generally public transport is available and fairly easy to use. There is a commuter train from Stockholm C to Nynäshamn. More information about how to get to Nynäshamn and Oskarshamn will be available soon.

The ferries arrive to Visby. Buses depart for Slite during the days, but during evenings and nighttime it might be a bit tricker. Check (in swedish, english information will be available at a later date). If you need help to get to Slite, or if you have extra room in your car to bring someone, please contact us at and we will try to pair you up or arrange other means of transport.

Sign from an Ende Gelände camp

Will food be provided?

We will provide some food during the action days. The food will be vegan, but if you have allergies or other preferences you might have to supply your own food. You also have to bring your own container and cutlery for the food. We recommend a regular lunch box, normal cutlery (fork, knife, spoon) and a plastic mug that you can re-use (think camping).

The official action days are Thursday, Friday and Saturday. On the Thursday we will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner. On the Friday there will only be breakfast provided, and a smaller meal at the end of the day. On the Saturday we provide breakfast and lunch. In other words you are responsible for bringing food for yourself on Friday. Make sure to consider this in your planning.

Packing list

Gotland at the end of august can be scorching hot, but there can also be rain and wind, and cold nights. Make sure you prepare for cold, warm, dry and wet weather. There will always be scenarios you can’t prepare for entirely, and people have different preferences and priorities when it comes to what to pack. Therefore, don’t be afraid to modify or add to this list, but if you use it as base you will do just fine.

  • White suit if you have one (eg. from Folk mot Fossilgas or Ende Gelände)
  • Tent
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat
  • Camping seat pad
  • Food for the day of the action (the camp will provide breakfast every day, and food the other days)
  • Snacks for the day of action (nuts, fruits, bars, etc)
  • Bowl or other food container, cutlery and mug. The camp will not provide this for you.
  • Refillable water bottles (at least 2 litres per person)
  • Sunscreen
  • Pen and a notebook is always good to have
  • Waterproof and walking-friendly shoes
  • Clothers to keep you warm at night and cool at day (use layers)
  • A change of clothes (socks, underwear, etc)
  • Rainjacket (and rainpants if you like) and/or an umbrella
  • Scarf, hat and/or a cap
  • Headlight or flashlight
  • Some light entertainment, such as playing cards, book, etc.
  • Cash for the camp. Recommended donation is 300-500 sek.
  • Personal hygiene products (toothbrush, tampons, etc)
  • Towel
  • Any medication you take on a regular basis
  • Powerbank. There will be limited opportunity to charge your phone.
  • First-aid kit. One per affinity group is sufficient.

Sign up for the camp

In order to have room for everyone and make sure there is enough food it is important to know approximately how many people will participate. You don’t have to purchase a ticket or sign up in advance in order to get to attend, but it would be hugely helpful to us if you could let us know you are coming, so that we can make sure the camp and facilities are of an appropriate size.

Send us a mail at and tell us where you are coming from and approximately how many you are. Thanks!