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The action consensus is our binding framework for the action. We invite all people who join in this agreement to participate in the action.

We come from a variety of backgrounds, united in the knowledge that the climate crisis is worsening and that something needs to be done about it. Despite attempts to greenwash themselves, we know that Cementa and the way they operate is incompatible with any serious attempts to address the climate crisis, and we know that simply asking them to stop will never be sufficient. Therefore, on the 25-27th of August, we will disrupt their operations in order to shed light on this problem in hopes of addressing it.

On the 25th-27th of August we will disrupt business as usual for Cementa by physically blockading their operations with our bodies, and through other actions of civil disobedience. We will, in a controlled and orderly fashion, blockade the quarries, transportation lines and other infrastructure that cause such grievous harm to the environment. We will not be hindered by physical obstacles, and will flow around or through barriers of police or security personnel. Our action is not targeted at the workers, but at the infrastructure.

The safety of all participants, workers and other people in the area, is very important to us. We will take care and be mindful of each other, and not perform any actions that might unnecessarily endanger ourselves or others. We will not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the action.

We will offer several modes of engaging with this action, depending on your preference as a participant. Whether experienced in action or not, everyone should be able to participate. Breaking the law is not a requirement for participating in the action. Everyone participates on their own terms and no one should do anything they are not comfortable with.

When engaging with the police in a racist society such as ours, not everyone is treated the same. White and non-indigenous people should reflect on their position in regards to this, be especially mindful of the fact that others might be treated differently by the police, and take extra care not to put others in any situation or danger they themselves did not choose. We will collectively decide how we will interact with the police, through plenums or similar.

Though we have different backgrounds and beliefs we are united in our opposition to sexism, racism, queerphobia, nationalism, fascism, capitalism, machismo and conspiracy-ideological thinking, and will oppose any such tendencies forcefully.

We see that an action is made out of different kinds of work, and we value this work and those who carry it out equally. Those who cook, those who organise, those who clean, those who block, those who build, those who talk to journalists and those who do anything else to make this action possible are all equally essential parts of the action.

It’s time to take concrete action now!