WE DID IT! We shut down Cementa for a day, which meant that they had to purchase lime stone from other quarries, work double shifts with overtime and reroute their entire operation. All this has made a real economic impact on the company! 

We have shown that we can take our future in our own hands. We don’t wait for politicians or companies to save us. Climate action is direct action.

It is not over! We will keep working with different ways of supporting the fight on Gotland and other activists who want to create their own mass actions!

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Want to organise your own mass action?
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Take Concrete Action!

In the case of Cementa on Gotland, not only is the global climate at stake, but local people’s drinking water and agriculture are being destroyed. Politicians have proven again their unwillingness to take our lives and our future seriously. Whatever the issue, we see how corporate interests consistently take precedence over out well-being when push comes to shove. That is why we are taking matters into our own hands and shutting down Cementa.

About the Environment

On Gotland there are areas of high nature value that are under threat, particularly because the water is being polluted by the limestone mining. The documentation that Cementa has shown regarding the risks for the drinking water on Gotland has been inadequate, most likely because any large investigation would show how disastrous their operations are for the fresh water supply. The limestone mining drives salt water into the already poor supply of groundwater and is about to make it impossible to live on Gotland, as well as conduct agriculture there.

About the Climate

Cementa is the company that emitted the second largest amount of carbon dioxide per year in Sweden, with just over 1.9 metrics tons in 2020. That corresponds to about 3-4% of ALL emissions of greenhouse gasses that occur within Sweden’s borders. Much of Cementa’s emissions comes from the burning of coal – which until recently was largely important from Russia.

Globally, concrete production has a gigantic carbon footprint – at least 8% of global emissions comes from the concrete industry, which is more than the emissions from the global flight industry! In addition, the production of concrete increases with each passing year. If concrete production was a country, it would be the third largest emitter, after only China and the United States.

About the Politics

Cementa is one of the most blatant examples of economic, capitalist interests taking precedence over basic environmental protection. A habitable world vs. jobs is a false dichotomy. They have had many years to plan how to compensate those affected by the closure of Cementa, but have not done so. Neither housing, jobs, clean water nor air can be found on a dead planet. We need to stop emissions now, not tomorrow!

Get active!

We are climate activists from different parts of Sweden who have grown tired of the politicians’ inability to take the climate crisis seriously. We will not remain passive, and YOU can be a part of it. Come along to Gotland and SHUT CEMENTA DOWN – for a world worth living in!

Do you want to get active ahead of the action? Or do you want to help out in the camp? Perhaps have a role in the action itself? Read more about how you can get active!



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