Who is behind “Take Concrete Action”
We are a mixed group of climate activists from different parts of Sweden who are fed up with the inability of politicians to get things done on the environment and climate issue, and that’s why we are organising the action “Take Concrete Action”. We want you to come to Gotland with us to shut down Cementa – for a world worth living in!

When how where?
From the 25th to 27th August we will gather and carry out the action in Slite on Gotland. Exact location will be announced later.

How do I get in touch with you?
Send us an email at takeconcreteaction@riseup.net
or write to us on social media!

Do you have social media?
Of course! Follow, share and like us on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/takeconcreteaction
Instagram: https://instagram.com/takeconcreteaction

How do I participate?
Come to Gotland 25th-27th August and join the action! Spread information about the action, about Cementa’s destruction, organize an info meeting in your city and encourage everyone you know to join! Print posters and flyers here!

“I can’t/won’t go, but I still want to help. What can I do?”
Spread the info in your circles and on social media! Print posters and flyers here! You can also donate money to cover our expenses via our fundraiser on FireFund.

Can you come to my city and hold an info meeting?
Yes, more than happy to! Send us an email at takeconcreteaction@riseup.net and we can come and inform you about the campaign and how you can participate!

Will there be any action trainings?
Absolutely! It’s very important that we are prepared before we go into action. We have trainers all over Sweden who are planning action trainings both before the action and on site the day before. If you are a group, please let us know where you are, how many people are interested in participating, and if you have any requests for when to come/not to come! We can also share our resources if you are a trainer yourself, just let us know!

What does a mass action mean?
Together we are strong. A mass action includes a variety of ways to participate. Whether you’ve never participated in a climate action before or you’re in the habit, you can help stop Cementa. We will use a so-called finger structure with demonstrations and groups acting collectively, with different levels and roles of participation. It will also be possible to organise other things related to the action, and all contributions are appreciated. Be creative! Our aim is to shut down Cementa’s production in Slite through physical blockades.

Isn’t there a bigger climate problem than cement?
One does not exclude the other. Cement is a huge problem from both an environmental and a climate point of view, as we write about further down on this page. We are part of the global environmental movement and stand in solidarity with other initiatives that act collectively against climate destruction and encourage further action. We see this action as a start of recurring mass actions for the environment that can touch on other issues as well, and see Cementa a good target for a realistic large-scale mass action that will have real and direct impact.” Read more about Cementa and the climate here