We have won a huge victory with Take Concrete Action – all of our objectives have been met.

First of all, we shut down Cementa for a day by our blockade which meant that they had to purchase lime stone from other quarries, work double shifts with overtime and reroute their entire operation. They also had to purchase additional security staff and pay for propaganda in local newspapers. All this has made a real economic impact on the company. 

Even more important is the political and symbolic victory. As mentioned, Cementa bought ads to try to greenwash themselves. Their permit is up for review once more, with several important actors now urging the government to deny them the next permit. We managed to reach many with this issue both on Gotland and in Sweden through a massive amount of press attention. 

None of this would have been possible if we didn’t organize a mass action. Another demonstration would not have garnered this attention nor would other forms of smaller actions. This is not to say that other forms of protest are not valuable or useful, but our chosen strategy was very successful in this particular situation. 

We have built a powerful movement where both radical leftist groups and the environmental movement came together. We couldn’t have done this without joining forces. We have learned from each other both in terms of strategy, tactics, organization and politics. It is of vital importance that we continue to cross-pollinate between our movements and come together to fight fossil capitalism. Achieving this through Take Conrete Actiom is a major victory. 

We’ve learned an immense amount of practical things on a mass scale: how to build a camp, how to organize ourselves in structures, how to raise money, network, cook and so much more. Such tacit information is often hard to convey in text, so please contact us if you would like to have us skill share. 

We have shown that we can take our future in our own hands. We don’t wait for politicians or companies to save us. Climate action is direct action. Take Concrete Action was, and is, a lesson in basic democracy where we empower people to live and struggle in a bottom-up way. Our future is unwritten, we can still save our world and destroy fossil capitalism. 

Thus, we should all view Take Concrete Action not as an organization run by a few but as a wide label which can inspire us to make other actions. These might be directed against Cementa,which is very badly pressed at the moment, and might take the same or other forms. That said, we have plenty of other targets of our justified rage, companies who continue to make a profit out of destroying our common environment. At this time the future of Take Conrete Action is not set, and we encourge everyone who participated in any capacity, but also you who could not participate, to engage with what you think the future of TCA should be. Discuss, debate and keep the conversation going in your organization, affinity group and social circles and engage and communicate with us. 

Togehter, we’ll make sure that the struggle continues! 

So what’s next?

Let’s all continue the struggle! We encourage everyone to seek out new ways to keep the pressure up against fossil capital. How?


  • In existing groups: there are plenty of groups out there, many of whom have been involved in TCA. If you’re having trouble finding groups in your area, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with groups where you live! 
  • Can’t find the group for you? Start a new one! If you need help with this just contact us and we can point you in the right direction!

Make your own actions

  • We want TCA to be an inspiration, a call to action and en example for activist that change is possible when we take matters into our own hands! 
  • This could be completely new actions, developing existing struggles or anything the YOU think should be done!

Make TCA your own

  • Remember that TCA is just a bunch of people who took collective action and that you are or could easily be one of those people! 
  • TCA is not a hierarchical organization with set structures, but an open collective. 
  • If you think TCA should take further action, if you have ideas of what direction TCA should take or other input: get involved! You are TCA!

Support our comrades who have suffered repression 

  • Comrades who travelled to take part in TCA were stopped and detained by Swedish police on the grounds that they would commit crimes even when no one who actually attended the action was held as suspected, more less convicted, of committing any crimes! 
  • We’ll take legal action against the police so that justice might be served! Support our comrades and help us fight for democracy, protest is not a crime!

Participate in coming events

  • There are loads of amazing initiatives out there! Join coming actions, conferences and forums! Get new knowledge and experience, share what you’ve learned from TCA and keep expanding the network of activists who are willing to take the fight to climate capital! 
  • Check out our social media account to find out what awesome people around Sweden/Denmark/Finland are planing! 

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